25 Days of Christmas: Day 14

Crafty Christmas Projects: Ornaments

So after browsing through Pinterest for some Christmas ornament projects I found a couple great options. The first comes from the blog Greenbean Crafterole:

This blogger has a great idea to make glittery bulbs without the mess. She bought clear bulbs from a craft store, removed the metal hanger part, poured a small amount of floor wax into the bulb, rolled it around until it was all coated and then pour the excess back into the container. Then she added glitter, put her finger over the opening and shook until the inside was coated, dumped the excess back into the container, and put the metal hangers back in. Ta-dah! You can hang these beauties on your tree, put in a decorative bowl or even give them as a gift! (Find her step-by-step tutorial on her blog by clicking the link above!)

The other ornament project I found is a little more complex. This one comes from the blog Crafts by Amanda:

Light bulb snowman. what a good idea and use of my old light bulbs!

As you can see it’s made from a burnt out light bulb and is absolutely adorable. In a brief run down of this project you paint the bulb, attach arms made of toothpicks, a hat and hand warmer made of a baby’s sock, some plaid fabric for the scarf, a few buttons, toothpick for the nose, dots from a marker for the eyes, and some gold cord or ribbon for the hanger. And there you have it! The cutest little snowman! (For step by step instructions visit her blog at the link above).

Well enough from me, it’s time to get your holiday craft on!




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